Pacific Environmental Group: Asbestos Abatement Experts

Safeguarding you

What We Do For You

Pacific Environmental Group (PEG) is Western Oregon's leader in asbestos abatement, mold remediation and lead removal, creating a healthier environment in commercial, industrial, and residential spaces for over 20 years.

Our Professional Qualifications and Certifications

Pacific Environmental Group, a certified general contractor (CCB # 66770/LBP), has a full-time staff of highly trained and experienced abatement personnel, licensed with the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality to do small and full-scale asbestos abatement projects.
Combining PEG's experience with company equipment and resources, PEG responds quickly and safely to provide superior environmental cleanup services of all sizes and complexity.

Who We've Serviced

Pacific Environmental Group has successfully provided environmental cleanup services at multiple facilities for the Oregon University system, Peace Health, Mercy Medical, and the insurance and restoration industries.

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